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We clean block paving, Tarmac, Decking and any exterior hard surface Patios, Driveways, Walls Fences etc


Block Paving

We clean block paving using a low surface cleaner which will not only remove weeds, moss and black and white spot algae from the paving but it will do this by keeping all the removed dirt and moss on the floor and not over your property. Once dry we will re-sand the paving, now your Driveway, patio and paths will be back to like they were first laid!

Stone and Concrete Paving

Whatever stone your path or patio is it can be cleaned using our low surface cleaner which will remove all dirt and algae. With a treatment we can remove any black spot leaving your surface ready for that sunny day BBQ


Decking can become very dirty and dangerously slippery. Let us clean your decking and if required once dry re-oil to protect and bring out the beauty of the wood. Our latest pressure washers can be turned down so not to damage soft wood decking.



Most exterior hard surfaces can be sealed and we have sealed many for our customers. Each paving has its own merits and advantages from being sealed. Please call the office to discuss your requirements and free advice.

Gutter Clearing 

We clear out your gutters and down pipes using a 3000 watt gutter vac, we can reach all your gutters inc above conservatories.

Fascia & Soffits 

 Using our long reach washing system we wash your Fascia, Soffits and Gutters from the floor, bringing them back to new!

Window Cleaning 

Long reach pure HOT water is used to clean your windows each visit also includes all frames, sills and doors on your property. We provide a 6 weekly regular cleaning service (see www.3countieswindowcleaning.co.uk)

Conservatories, Greenhouses, Velux, Skylights & Lanterns

Can also be cleaned using the long pole system.

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